August 28th, 2021

The monster ghost pepper plant has really started production now with dozens of ripened pods and easily 100 others currently in development. This first round is going to a friend who is going to ferment and dehydrate them and give some back to me.

At this point the ghost pepper plant and beefsteak tomato plant have completely taken over this entire raised bed with all other plants completely stunted in their development due to shading. I could've and probably should've pruned both of them a bit better but was curious to see just how big they could get.

I also planted some beans a few weeks back and they have done pretty well. These are bush types but I gave them a cheap tomato cage to hang onto just in case we get some heavy winds or rains. These have produced a few mature pods which I've just eaten straight off the plant.

Now that we're a bit later into the season I'm just doing some experiments which in this case means sunflowers. I've never grown these before but they seem to really love the Virginia summer and if they continue to do this well I'm definitely going to make these a permanent part of my garden for next year.