July 4th, 2021

This ghost pepper plant has completely taken over a solid quarter of this raised bed and is starting to shade out some of the plants that haven't been able to keep up with it. I could transplant some of the others but I'm curious to see how large this can get, it's already probably the largest pepper plant I've ever grown.

Starting to get a few tomatoes on one of the whiskey barrel plants as well. Can't remember the exact type of this one but it appears to be one of the striped varieties and I think it looks really nice.

The potatoes that I planted in those grow bags seem to be doing great although I haven't used the "window" to see if the actual potatoes are starting to form. I've had to move these around a little bit to keep them getting enough sun but not so much that they dry out too quickly.

Finally I ended up redoing the side area a little bit so that my herbs and lettuces are all together in this section of the yard that gets partial sun. The direct heat of the depths of Virginia summer are just too much for these more delicate plants.